• We would like to commend the professional knowledge and courteous approach of Eco Nrg. They are the first team of contractors that we've had that were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.
    Mr & Mrs P, Truro
  • What can I say - we are delighted. Thank you again for all the trouble you have gone to, your customer care is second to none.
    Mr & Mrs H, Fowey
  • Eco Nrg Ltd. were a great firm to do business with and I have had complete satisfaction at all stages of the sale and installation. The team were tremendously professional and they did a great job with the whole process.
    Mr H, Helston
  • My wife and I would like to express our great satisfaction with the installation of the Solar PV panels. Your installation team are a credit to your company.
    Mr & Mrs P, Modbury
  • I would be more than happy to recommend Eco Nrg. We were impressed by the service provided and have been even more delighted with the results of the installation.
    Mr & Mrs W, Kingsbridge
  • I am completely happy with the very professional way in which Eco nrg Ltd. handled my PV installation. I am now looking forward to receiving regular income from my electricity provider.
    Mr V, Plymstock
  • Installers were polite and friendly and the post installation assistance with the paperwork was excellent.
    Mr N, Plympton
  • A very professional and efficient service. I will certainly be recommending your company to friends, neighbours and family.
    Mr C, Chudleigh
  • Installation process was very good and the work was completed in a day with the installers demonstrating a very efficient work ethic.
    Mr & Mrs J, Tedburn St Mary
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  • Eco NRG Renewable Energy Systems

    in Exeter        and throughout Devon.

Renewable Energy for Exeter

Welcome to Eco NRG Ltd, your award winning and MCS-accredited experts in the design and installation of bespoke renewable energy systems in Exeter

We specialise in the design and installation of air source heat pumpssolar PV panelsenergy storage solutionselectric vehicle chargingbiomass boilers, and solar thermal systems for properties in Exeter. We can oversee projects for both domestic and commercial purposes.

We are dedicated to delivering every aspect of your project to the highest standard, so your Eco NRG system exceeds expectations throughout its working life. We offer an unbeatable guarantee on all our renewable energy products - and we possess an up-to-date knowledge of funding methods, such as the Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive programmes, as well as their commercial counterparts.

(We have published a local case study from this area - take a look at how we fitted an air source heat pump on a home near Exeter.)


Exeter Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps work by extracting low-grade heat from the air and compressing it into high-level heat that can be used to heat air spaces and water.

Air source heat pumps are great solutions for many properties in and around Exeter, where they can supply 100% of your heating and hot water requirements, whether domestic or commercial. Here at Eco NRG, we work with both high- and low-temperature heat pumps, and can design and install heat pumps for a range of buildings including, old stone buildings, new builds and modern energy-efficient buildings throughout central Devon. Of course, we are MCS-accredited for both air- and ground-source heat pumps, ensuring that we meet the quality assurance standards they set, meaning customers can choose us with confidence.


Exeter Solar Panel Installation

Solar PV is a hassle free way of generating your home’s electricity by converting the sun’s free heat energy directly into electricity to power kitchen appliances, computers and lighting all year round. You can even earn money from the surplus energy you generate by feeding it straight into the National Grid – and if you run a business that could benefit from such a system, we can design and install that too. Solar PV systems require very little maintenance and are very reliable throughout their 25+ year lifespan. Eco NRG are MCS-accredited installers of PV solar panels in Exeter and the South West.


Energy Storage Solutions for Exeter

If your home or business is generating electricity at times it is not needed, then it can be sold back to the grid under the feed-in Tariff. This is a great way to earn back money from your renewable installation, but we can also offer a battery system, meaning you can stock up on energy to use when you need it most. Eco NRG are experienced designers and fitters of batteries for homes and businesses in Exeter and throughout the South West, and are Tesla®-accredited installers of Powerwall™ systems.


Exeter EV Charger Installation

Eco NRG are certified by the Office of Low Emissions Vehicles to install electric vehicle chargepoints for both homes and businesses in both the South West in general and Exeter in particular. If you own an electric vehicle, or run a business where you think your customers would benefit from the installation of a charging station, then Eco NRG can fit such a system to your property. The fast-charging points we fit can dispense up to 7.2kW of power for private points, and 22kW for commercial installations.


Exeter Biomass Heating Solutions

Heat pumps are not the only heating solution we offer. Biomass heating is the process of creating thermal energy through similar methods to that of a fossil fuel boiler, except through the combustion of organic materials, particularly wood chips or pellets. A biomass boiler is a flexible, reliable system for heating your home or business, and provides insurance against rising fuel bills, while remaining carbon neutral in the long term. Eco NRG are MCS-accredited installers of Biomass heating systems in Exeter and the South West, meaning we meet their high standards of consumer care.


Solar Thermal Systems in Exeter

Having a Solar thermal system installed at your home in Exeter can save you money on your heating bills – and Eco NRG are MCS-accredited for the fitting of such a system. Solar thermal installations work by using the sun’s infra-red energy to warm up your hot water supply. Cold mains water is pumped into the solar thermal panels; this water is then heated up during the day where it then gets pumped into a solar thermal cylinder. A conventional boiler or immersion heater can be connected to this system to make the water hotter and provide hot water when solar energy is unavailable especially in the winter months.


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