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  • Getting Government help

    to fund your environmentally friendly heating system

Types of Funding Available

We offer a range of ways to pay for your system.

Option 1: You pay for your Solar/Biomass/Heat Pump system outright and are then entitled to claim any of the government grants or payments available.

Option 2: Use one of our trusted finance partners to fund the installation. Loan repayments can normally be set at a level lower than your annual Feed-in-Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

Option 3: Fully funded or part ownership commercial solar installations always available


Feed-in Tariff

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) is a Government policy, introduced in April 2010 to increase the uptake of renewable energy by providing a long term financial incentive for those who invest in renewable electricity systems. It is available for those with solar PV systems and payments are guaranteed for 20 years, depending on the technology you have installed. Under this scheme, energy companies pay a premium for electricity generated from renewable sources. The amount you are paid will depend on when you have your system installed, and the size and type it. The tariff rate is index linked, so it increases with inflation, and is tax-free for individuals.

You get paid for ALL the energy that you generate. You make savings on your electricity bill as you can freely use the renewable electricity your system generates, rather than buying it from your energy provider. You will also receive a further payment for the electricity your system generates which you do not use and which is then automatically exported into the National Grid (Export tariff) To find out how the Feed-in Tariff works and for latest Solar PV tariffs click here.

Please note in order for your system to qualify for feed in tariffs, it must be installed by an MCS accredited installer, such as ourselves.


Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is designed to encourage the adoption of heat pump installations that significantly reduce carbon footprints and help the Government meet the carbon reduction commitment that it is bound by. The reason why addressing the UK's heating installations is so important is that heating accounts for 47% of the UK’s CO2 emissions and 60% of average domestic energy bills.

Main features of the RHI: 

Tariff levels are proposed to provide a rate of return of 12% on the additional cost of a renewable installation, with a lower rate of return of 6% for solar thermal - better than almost any other investment in the current business climate.

RHI will remain open to projects until at least 2020 although it will be reviewed from time to time to adapt to changes in technology/costs. Ofgem will operate the scheme. Annual payments will be made for installations below 45kW and quarterly for those above this. Air Source Heat pumps are supported for 18-20 years.

The sooner the installation the better the return, meaning that a project installed in year 1 continues to receive payments at the level set in year one, tariffs are reduced for new projects installed in later years.

Only heat pumps with MCS Product accreditation and installed by an MCS Accredited Installer will be eligible.  The equipment will be required to be maintained by approved / qualified persons during the tariff lifetime.

RHI is not conditional on planning permission requirements, these are to be obtained by the owner outside the RHI.

For domestic installations payments will be claimed by the owner of the property and in the event of a sale would remain with the property (potentially increasing the sale price). Payments can also be claimed and paid to the owner of the equipment in larger scale developments such as those of Housing Associations/Councils. If an installation has been paid for by a loan, HP agreement or similar, the RHI payment is still made to the recipient of the loan, even if they are not the legal owner.

Calculating Payments

In order to prevent wasteful heat production, a basic minimum level of energy efficiency will be assumed for existing homes: At least 125mm loft insulation. and cavity wall filled where applicable

Payments will be based on a deemed heat load for domestic installations. This will prevent the costs associated with metering, and also the possibility of "heat dumping”, whereby homeowners purposefully waste heat in order to receive more RHI payment. Each installation's tariff entitlement is established by multiplying the proposed tariff per kWh with a deemed heat requirement (number of kWh per year). This is established through an assessment process based on SAP at the beginning of the project.

For larger installations the heat output will be metered and the annual payments are to be calculated from the actual heat generated x tariff level.


Houses and buildings which currently use conventional fossil fuel for heating, such as gas, heating oil or coal, will be able to claim the RHI if they switch to renewable technologies. The RHI will be available to householders, local authorities and social landlords as well as the public, industrial and commercial sectors.

Only MCS accredited units that have been installed by an MCS accredited installer will qualify for RHI payments.

The RHI will be funded by a levy on fossil fuel suppliers pursuant to the powers vested by The Energy Act 2008.  For the latest Tariffs please click here.  The tariffs will be linked to inflation and payment guaranteed by the Government.

Free Biomass Boiler Offer

Our offer for a free domestic biomass pellet boiler is brand new and will not last forever.

 We can provide:



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