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  • My wife and I would like to express our great satisfaction with the installation of the Solar PV panels. Your installation team are a credit to your company.
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  • Use heat from the sun to warm your water

Solar Thermal

Eco NRG are MCS authorised fitters of solar thermal hot water systems, and we design and install solar thermal hot water systems in Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset. If you are interested adding a Solar Thermal system to your home, give Eco NRG a call on 01548 831890. You can also email us at info@econrguk.com, or pop into our office in Modbury for a chat – and organise your free consultation today!


Solar thermal systems use free heat from the sun to warm your water. A conventional boiler or immersion heater can be used alongside this to make the water hotter, or provide hot water when solar energy is unavailable.


About Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems use solar panels (called collectors), fitted to your roof. These collect heat from the sun and use it to heat up water which is stored in a hot water cylinder. A boiler or immersion heater can be used as a back up to heat the water further to reach the temperature you want.


There are two types of solar thermal panels: evacuated tubes, and flat plate collectors, which can be fixed on the roof tiles or integrated into the roof.

Larger solar panels can also be arranged to provide some contribution to heating your home as well. However, the amount of heat provided is generally very small and it is not normally considered worthwhile.


Benefits of using Solar Thermal for your hot water

Switching to solar thermal to provide your hot water comes with plenty of advantages:


Sunlight is free, so once you've paid for the initial installation your hot water costs will be reduced. Once installed, a solar thermal system will operate with minimal running costs and will continue to deliver free energy from the sun for a minimum of 20 years. Maintenance costs for solar water heating systems are generally very low. Most solar water heating systems come with a 5 or 10 year warranty and require little maintenance. Once fitted we will leave written details of any maintenance checks that you can carry out from time to time, ensuring everything is working properly.


A well designed solar thermal system, depending upon your location, can generate up to 60% of your domestic hot water throughout the year and even 100% during the summer. The system works all year round, though you'll need to heat the water further with a biomass boiler or immersion heater during the winter months.


Solar hot water is a green, renewable heating system and reducing your reliance on gas, coal and oil not only protects you from rapidly rising fuel bills, but can reduce your carbon footprint too.


See what Solar Thermal can do for you by reading about one of our satisfied customers in Newton Abbot, and how they benefitted from fitting Solar Thermal in their home.



Considerations before installing

Do you have a sunny place to put solar panels?

You'll need around five square metres of roof space which faces east to west through south and receives direct sunlight for the main part of the day. The panels don't have to be mounted on a roof: they can be fixed to a frame on a flat roof or hanging from a wall.


Do you have space for a larger or extra hot water cylinder?

If a dedicated solar cylinder is not already installed then you will usually need to replace the existing cylinder, or add a dedicated cylinder with a solar heating coil.


Is your current boiler compatible with solar water heating?

Most conventional boiler and hot water cylinder systems are compatible with solar thermal, but if your boiler is a combination boiler (combi) and you don't currently have a hot water tank, a solar hot water system may not be compatible.


Contact us for a free no obligation assessment on your home and to help you choose the best setup to meet your needs. More information is available through the Energy Saving Trust website.


About the Solar Thermal panels we use

We can fit a range of panels to your rooftop, and will tailor the system design to fit your hot water needs. Take a look at the solar thermal panels we install on our Products page.


Funding through the RHI


There is currently a grant of £300 available towards the cost of installing a solar thermal system, through the Renewable Heat Incentive Premium Payment scheme.


Typical savings from a properly used and maintained system are £55 per year when replacing gas heating and £80 per year when replacing electric immersion heating; however, savings will vary from user to user. Typical carbon savings are around 230kg of CO2/year when replacing gas and 510kg of CO2/year when replacing electric immersion heating.

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