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About Commercial PV Solar Panels

Eco NRG are highly experienced and MCS accredited installers of PV Solar Panels in Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset. We provide commercial PV systems to forward thinking businesses who seek to lower their expenditure on energy bills and gain a significant return on investment.


If you are interested in installing solar PV panels on your business, give Eco NRG a call on 01548 831890, email us at info@econrguk.com, or pop into our office in Modbury for a chat – and arrange a free site survey today.


About Solar PV

PV Solar Panels simply convert solar light from the sun, directly into electricity. This free energy can then be used to power your business's equipment such as kitchen appliances, computers and lighting, whilst the surplus can be fed into the National Grid. So you make money on the electricity you generate! 

Whether your business is in the private or public sector, we can provide local, professional expertise to ensure that any solar PV system reaps the greatest financial rewards for you and your business. 


Benefits of fitting your business with Solar PV Panels

Installing Solar PV for your business comes with great benefits!


Your company can earn an inflation-linked passive income from your roof space guaranteed for 20 years thanks to the Feed-in Tariff, returning up to four times the capital investment over the life of the system. Solar panels will reduce your energy bills today, and guard yourself from inevitable utility cost increases in the future.


Solar PV is a hassle free way to power your business - our panels will generate electricity in the long term, with warranties of up to 25 years. No planning permission is required on almost all cases, and zero to low maintenance is needed throughout the systems entire life.


Boost your company's image, become a green and sustainable business and meet your targets from the Government's Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme.


See what Solar Panels can do for you by reading about one of our satisfied customers in Newquay, and how they benefitted from adding a solar array to their campsite.


About the Solar Panels we install

The output of a standard solar panel is generally 250W, although our Premium Sunpower modules produce 327W per panel, making them by far the most efficient choice in the majority of cases. The output is guaranteed for 25 years by the manufacturer, and the panels are covered by product liability insurance.


All modules are certified by the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme and all the work carried out will be done by our own personnel. All electrical work will be Part P Certified and carried out by a qualified electrician.


The systems are mounted on aluminium racks which are in turn mounted on the roofing joists. No tiles or slates are permanently removed for the installation – and the mounting brackets slip underneath the tiles, meaning there is no risk to the integrity or waterproofing of the roof.


Take a look at the Solar PV Panels we install on our Products page.


Funding Solar Panels through the FiT

Investing in solar PV will significantly reduce your energy costs, and savings are further enhanced by the Government's Feed-in Tariff scheme which rewards you with a fixed rate of payment for every unit of energy generated, meaning any commercial solar PV system is a sound and future-proofed investment

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