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  • My wife and I would like to express our great satisfaction with the installation of the Solar PV panels. Your installation team are a credit to your company.
    Mr & Mrs P, Modbury
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  • Biomass heating systems

    your heating doesn't have to cost the earth

Biomass Boilers

Eco NRG are your local, award winning, MCS authorised installers of Biomass heating systems and we have advised, supplied and installed biomass heating systems for a number of commercial clients across the South West.


We install Effecta and Fröling biomass boilers in Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset – so if you are interested in adding an eco-friendly biomass system to your home, give Eco NRG a call on 01548 831890. You can also email us at info@econrguk.com, or pop into our office in Modbury for a chat – and organise your free consultation today!

About Biomass Boilers

Biomass heating is simply using organic materials including wood and energy crops such as Miscanthus to heat your home. Typically we install boilers designed to run on one of three main fuel types. These are:


Wood pellets - small pellets made of compressed sawdust and other sawmill waste. All the pellets are the same size and must adhere to strict standards.


Wood chips - literally timber chipped into pieces 5-12cm long. Similar in appearance to the wood chips you used to commonly see on playgrounds.


Wood logs - just like you put onto your fireplace, these are the cheapest and most eco-friendly fuel available.


Benefits of using Biomass Boilers to heat your home

Biomass fuel is significantly cheaper than oil or LPG and can give you great savings. It provides a great investment through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) - this can be significant and systems often pay back within 4 -6 years.

Switching to an organic source of heating helps combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions -though biomass is connected with certain levels of emissions this level is far smaller compared to currently dominant energy sources, fossil fuels.


See what Biomass Heating can do for you by reading about one of our satisfied customers in Holsworthy, and how they benefited from keeping their home warm with wood pellets.

Considerations before installing

A biomass boiler heating system is more expensive than an equivalent capacity fossil fuel fired system; therefore it is vital that you determine the optimum sized boiler to match a site’s requirements.


Space is required for fuel delivery, storage and transfer. A well designed and implemented solution for the delivery, storing and handling of the fuel is important and will help to save money over the biomass boiler’s lifetime.


It’s also important to use a fuel which is available, reliable, accessible and appropriate for the job. The key characteristics of a biomass fuel include its moisture content (which affects its calorific value) and particle size or grade. Costs vary dependent on market availability, quality, form and proximity of fuel source to point of use.


Seek expert advice to ensure that any system will comply with legislation such as the Clean Air Act (1993), Building Regulations and local planning rules. Additionally, in Britain there are a number of ‘smoke control areas’ in which only authorised fuels can be burned. Check if your area is a smoke control area on the Defra website.


We can offer practical advice on the design considerations of your biomass project. If you are planning a new build or renovation it is well worth getting in touch with us at the design stage.


About our Boilers

Our biomass boiler systems can range from as little as a 7kW, which is enough to heat a 2 bed house, right up to 200kW to heat a hotel or several smaller buildings via district heating. All sizes vary from basic controls to fully automated systems with advanced controls depending on your budget.

Take a look at the biomass boilers we install on our Products page.


Funding through the RHI

The payback period for biomass boiler systems is generally 4-6 years, though this can be significantly shorter if free waste wood is available.

Biomass boilers are also eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). For more information about this type of funding and for the latest tariffs, please click here

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