Our Privacy Policy Changes and the GDPR

You may have noticed your inbox getting a little overstuffed with emails regarding privacy policy changes and consent lately, well that's due to a new EU regulation called the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR). The GDPR is basically just a new set of rules, to be followed by all companies with a presence in the EU, to help ensure that everyone has greater control over who has their personal data stored, and what they can do with it. Although it's led to a little head scratching and grumbling from some parties, it's a really good thing, as it will lead to a future in which you, the customer, are in the driving seat when it comes to your personal information, and you can decide how it's used.

Here at Eco nrg Ltd. we value your trust and take the security of your personal information very seriously. We always keep your data locked up safe and sound, and make sure we do everything in the most-security conscious way, partly due to regulations set by governing bodies and accreditors, but most importantly because we want to provide our customers with the best experience possible. To ensure that we're also GDPR-compliant, and to make it easier for you to understand just what we do with your data, we've also updated our privacy policy. There you can find out what information we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it.

We've written our privacy policy in plain english, so it should be easy to understand, but if you've got any concerns, or would like to better understand how we use your personal data, please get in contact with us at gdpr@econrguk.com.