Welcoming The First Member Of Our Eco-Fleet

Here at Eco nrg, we serve clients all over the South West of England and beyond. Our team may be in Bristol one day, and Penzance the next - you just never know! And so we need a reliable way of getting around to all of our customers, but we don't want the environment to pay the price. For a long time now we've been watching the eco-friendly vehicle market grow with excitement, and we're very happy to announce that we've just added our first electric vehicle to our fleet, with the addition of a new BMW i3. We feel greener already!

Our i3 is considered a hybrid as it is driven by an electric motor powered by batteries, but also features a gasoline driven range extender that kicks in to give us that extra distance if we need it (although we're doing our best not to use that so far!). In total, it has a range of over 200km, perfect for zipping around the South West to visit our clients.

In the picture below, you can see it charging at our offices using our MyEnergi Zappi charge-point. The fantastic thing about this charge-point is that it will draw power directly from our Solar PV array, meaning that we don't pay a penny to keep our i3 up and running. If we're in a rush and it's a cloudy day, we can still draw power from the grid like other charge-points, but most the time, we're able to charge up the batteries completely free.

We're very excited to get on the road with our brand new addition, and we hope that this is the beginning of an eco-friendly fleet for Eco nrg.

Our new, eco-friendly BMW i3, charging in the summer sun

Our new, eco-friendly BMW i3, charging in the summer sun

If you're interested in going electric, or are looking for a trusted installer to fit your own domestic or commercial charge-points, why not give us a call on 01548 831 890 or get in touch via our contact page. We offer a range of different charge-points, and can offer friendly, impartial advice on which technology will be the best fit for you. And before you make any decisions, be sure to check out what Grants and Funding options are available on our Vehicle Charger page. Right now, qualifying customers can receive up to £500 off the cost of their installation, which means going green could save you more than you think.