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Installing Solar Panels, Heat Pumps and Renewables in Plymouth and the South West

Welcome to Eco Nrg Ltd, your local, award-winning experts in the design and installation of bespoke renewable energy systems. We've completed hundreds of installations of Solar Panels, Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Vehicle Chargers and Battery systems throughout Devon and the South West of England, working from Bristol to Penzance and everywhere in between. With over 50 years combined experience in the renewable energy sector, we're here to make your dreams of a sustainable future, a reality. 

We’re committed to delivering every part of your project to the highest possible standard, ensuring that every Eco Nrg system continues to exceed expectations throughout its working life, as well as offering an unbeatable guarantee on all our products.


My heating had failed on one of the coldest days of the year and I could only give Eco Nrg a 3 hour window to come and sort it out. They pulled out the stops and fixed it within the hour! Great service!

Mr Fairbrass, Kingsbridge


We contracted Eco Nrg to provide a Solaredge PV system to our new build house. Nick and his team could not be have been more helpful. The initial advice helped sort out the claims and counter claims made by so many of the other companies we contacted. The installation teams that attended the property over the different stages of the build were all very knowledgeable and co-operative working alongside the other contractors on site. I can without hesitation strongly recommend Eco Nrg.

Mr Stewart, Portreath


The two boys who came to do the work on your company’s behalf were absolutely lovely. I don’t give compliments easily. They were polite, clean, tidy, respectful and professional. They took the time to photograph their work and showed me the pictures which was a lovely touch! Normally I hate having workmen on site because it feels like my home is being invaded but your guys were an absolute pleasure to have around

Ms Woodward, Bigbury


We would like to thank you all for the friendly and efficient service we received recently during the installation of our solar panels. We are extremely pleased with them and would be happy to recommend them. We were also particularly pleased with the after care and contact.

Mr and Mrs Farrow, Bristol


Well done to Steve and Dave from Eco nrg, I couldn't wish for two more pleasant people to do my complicated solar installaton. They worked very fast - even with the snowflakes coming down in sub-zero conditions. Neat and tidy and very respectful of my home; I'd have no hesistation to recommend your firm and these guys to get the job done to high, professional standards.

Mr Langmore, Plympton


We have been very pleased with the level of service that we have received from EcoNRG and with the quality of the solar panel installation. The two fitters that did the work were very efficient and tidy and they also planned their work around events that were happening in the hall and generally “went the extra mile”. Any subsequent queries that we had have been dealt with promptly.

Mr Trout, Beaworthy


Eco Nrg Ltd. can take your renewable projects from dreams to reality no matter what technology you're interested in. Our experienced technical teams are experts in both initial installation and servicing across the domestic and commercial sectors.

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Solar Panels

Everyday the sun produces enough electricity to run the whole world for years. With solar panels, you can harness this completely free energy and power your property for 20+ years.

No need to worry about those energy price hikes!

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Heat Pumps

Reliably supply up to 100% of your property's heating and hot water requirements, and lower your emissions with our selection of heat pumps.

All of our heat pumps are electrically powered, so no need for any fuel stores or deliveries!


Battery Storage

Generating solar energy faster than you can use it? Make the most of the daylight by installing a battery storage solution that can run your property once the sun goes down, or import from the grid when prices are low.

Make your property completely self-sufficient!


Vehicle Chargers

The days of electric vehicles aren't coming - they're already here. Car charging ports for domestic or commercial properties ensure that anybody who's gone electric always has a full battery.

Combine with a Solar PV and Energy Storage system to charge vehicles completely free!



Make sure that you're existing Solar PV system is running at peak performance with power optimisation technology that will maintain your investment for years.

A well maintained system can generating thousands in long-term savings!

We're fully certified and trusted by the industry, so you know you'll be getting the best service possible

 HIES Accreditation
 Tesla Certified Powerwall Installer
 MCS Approved Installer
 Sunpower Premier Partner
 Renewable Energy Consumer Code Member










About Us

Formed in 2010, Eco Nrg Ltd. was created with a single purpose in mind - get the UK going green.

Our Technical Director, Nick Skelley, had been a trusted electrician in the South West for over 25 years, and believed that the future was in renewable technologies. Thanks to his demanding standards and the hard work of our experienced technicians, Eco Nrg Ltd. quickly became a name associated with quality, value for money and great customer service. Our commitment to quality is well recognised in the industry as well, with SunPower, the manufacturer of the most efficient solar panels in the world, naming Eco Nrg Ltd as a Sunpower Premier Partner.

The technologies have changed rapidly over the years, but we've been hard at work to ensure that our customers always get the perfect system, from domestic installations to large commercial jobs, we're proud to help the UK go green.  

Frequent Questions

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How long does a Solar PV system take to pay itself off?

A typical 4kWp south-facing system will pay itself back in 7 years - after that the system will generate pure profit. It can be a little longer for smaller systems or those at poorer orientations, but we can confirm your estimated payback time during your no-obligation site survey.

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Can my Solar PV panels provide hot water?

With the use of a Smart Switch, any un-used electricity can be used to provide your home with free hot water.

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Is a Heat Pump right for me?

Heat Pumps are most cost-effective for new build properties that are well insulated and make use of underfloor heating. But you can also see huge benefits in older, retrofit properties. If your Oil & LPG bills are high, you could save a huge amount with a well sized Heat Pump. To ensure you get the perfect system, we’ll carry out a full heat loss survey throughout your property.

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What is Powerwall?

Powerwall is a rechargeable battery for your home, that stores energy, either from the grid or a Solar PV system, and makes it available on demand. It’s compact, sleek and easy to integrate into your property.

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How much does a Solar PV system cost?

That depends on the size of the system you’re after. Our smaller systems can be installed from as little as £3500, with our 4kWp systems starting at £4,500 (inc. VAT)

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How much can I generate from Solar Panels?

A south-facing roof with a 4kWp solar system can generate over 4000 units (kWh) per year. On average, a household will use around 3200 units per year, so with a good system you can run your home completely free.

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Do Heat Pumps require a lot of maintenance?

A properly installed Heat Pump requires next to no maintenance. We simply recommend an annual service to ensure that everything is running as expected.

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Do Heat Pumps provide my property with hot water?

Our Heat Pumps will provide your property with all the hot water you need throughout the whole day

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What can I use Powerwall for?

There are a variety of applications for Powerwall. If you have a Solar PV system, you can store your excess generation during the day and use that energy to power your property at night. You can draw from the grid at times with a lower rate, and then use that energy during more expensive times to reduce your bill. You can even monitor your real-time energy usage with the Tesla mobile app.